The Experts in Industrial Oil Purification and Reclamation

John began his career in the oil industry in 1987 when he was 20 years old; it is the only professional field he's been in. He started in fuel & lubricant sales with Amoco and Amalie products and quickly became involved in all aspects of the construction, trucking, automotive, and manufacturing industries with positions in sales management, warehouse management, purchasing, training, etc.

He wore multiple hats through the years

With lubricant sales always being his main responsibility, mostly with Texaco- and Shell-branded lubricants. His technical training in lubricants came from multiple courses through Texaco and Shell as well as from Lubrizol, Witco, Volvo, and others. Around 1998, Texaco came out with their oil reclamation tractor-trailer for doing large oil reclamation projects. They were the first in the industry to provide such a service and it was John's introduction to “on-site oil reclamation”. 

In the early 2000s, lubricant prices started skyrocketing along with the rest of petroleum products (crude oil, gas, etc) which led him to starting Industrial Fluid Management, Inc in 2005. The idea was to have more portable equipment to do smaller batches and open a lot more of the manufacturing industry to a safe and cost-effective way to put their leakage and contaminated oils back in service instead of having them removed and replaced with expensive new oil. This accomplishes many things: lower maintenance costs, less new oil purchases, waste stream reduction, maximizing equipment life, and other advantages depending on individual circumstances.

We have had a few “bumps” in the road, but today, we are strong and thriving.

We have safely processed well over 500,000 gallons of used industrial oil and now offer a full line of new oils and chemicals, oil analysis services, a full line of industrial filters, and equipment, but our focus is ALWAYS to be your on-site reclamation specialist.