Industrial Oil Purification and Reclamation

Let us make your used industrial oil like new again.

Providing You With Industrial Oil Purification Services

Industrial Fluid Management, Inc. in Richmond, MI is a business that offers on-site oil reclamation and purification services. Trust our experienced team to help you with all your industrial lubrication needs.

What We Do

With more than 30 years of industry experience, you can be sure that we are qualified to serve you. At Industrial Fluid Management, Inc., we have always put our clients’ concerns first. This is why offer on-site oil reclamation and purification solutions.

Our specialists will purify your leakage oil or kidney loop your machinery and purify your oil without having to shut your machinery down. This is applicable for plastic injection molding, stamping, heat treating, etc. Our 300 gallon minimum is lowest in the industry but we have the capability of processing large volumes as well.

Core Values

As a company that is dedicated to client satisfaction, we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the quality services that you deserve.

Areas We Serve

Our business provides services in all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.